GameStop Is Going to Close at Least 150 Stores

If GS is not going bankrupt anytime soon then why are they closing at least 150 stores?

They have a massive market share? You're talking about their 1.02% market share? Let's take a look at their 2 biggest competitors:

Company Mkt Share (%)
Gamestop 1.02
Best Buy 4.98
Amazon 10.6

I don't see any massive market share there. Source

Still think they won't go bankrupt? Let's take a look at their stock performance.

Ticker YTD
GME -18.41%
BBY +4.89%
AMZN +12.2%

That is horrendous stock performance, and the current trend on their stock predicts it will continue to go down. Source

I keep seeing you defend GS on this thread so I can only assume you work for them. I hate to break it to you but they are declining and in 3-5 years they will be the next Blockbuster. With digital downloads and companies like Amazon or Best Buy that offer better discounts on new games there is no way GS will continue as a game selling business. Why go to GS when you can download the game from the comfort of your home or go to a store that offers a better discount on games via a club/membership. Bye GameStop.

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