Gamifying negative thoughts

I'm pissed off because of Moses. He sent me a message 2 months ago on reddit to get me on stream, ignored my reply afterwards and every time I sent a message on discord he says 'schedule is tight, can I reach out when it's free', even though the schedule always has 'to be determined' or 'to be announced' in it. He constantly invites people who can barely speak a sentence like Trainwrecks, and he invites people he didnt know a week before the stream (such as the latest incel stream, where they knew the incel just from a week ago from the ban appeal stream).

Moses contacted me and then continued to lie to my face for 2 months and now ended up blocking me because I give him shit for what he does. You wanna talk about jebaiters on stream? Well, Moses turned out to be the biggest jebaiter. Fuck him, he's a piece of shit. I couldve just easily been okay with him saying I couldnt be on or that they had enough people, but he just messaged me and then just straight up either ignores me or lies to me. And here's the kicker; if I say something about it he blocks me, and I cant report it because every mod will defend him 'because the schedule is full and he's doing his best'. Fucking bullshit

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