Gang of Muslims storm nudist pool in Germany yelling 'Allahu Akbar' and threatening to 'exterminate' women for being 'sluts'

Around 1200, islamic leaders started to focus on on using Science to further their religion, and not to further discovery.

"But even after European astronomers began using telescopes, none of the astronomers in the Muslim world used telescopes until modern times. That's because they weren't building those observatories to do science. They were building them for purposes of making religious calendars and determining the direction to Mecca." - Steven Weinberg (

What caused this shift in the way Science was being handled? Strict islamic beliefs.

This is how a mainstream muslim website treats books other than the quran.

The strict islamic logic is as follows.

If a book (political and/or religious) agrees with the quran, it is not necessary because the quran says it better. After all, the quran is divinely inspired and the other books are books written by man. If a book is an inferior version of the quran, it should be destroyed.

If a book disagrees with the quran, it is blasphemous and should be destroyed.

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