Garda update after vicious attack in Cork that was shared widely on social media

My brother knows the guy he was telling us about it on Christmas Eve.

The Victim stepped out of the bar he was having a drink with friends in, for 12 pubs. He had to leave early due to having to work the next day.

When he took out his phone to call his lift some randomer made a go for the phone but he pulled away before they grabbed it. The would be theif then started getting aggressive and so he ran to get away from him.

A couple of minutes later and the would be theif is picking up the victim and pile driving him head first into the tarmac giving him 2 skull fractures and rendering him unconscious.

Before the video went viral the guards said there wasn't much they could do as all the evidence they had was both their statements at the time, nobody else had stepped forward.

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