Gary Neville demands compulsory racism education for all football fans, players and staff

Alternatively -- people aren't rational ideologues with clear beliefs and a coherent understanding of how and why we act: it might well be that for every person who is determined to uphold so biological hierarchy based on melanin pigmentations (or whatever), there may in fact be many more who are simply a little scared and alone in their first go at life and display typical animal behaviour of needing an ingroup. This focus changes the emphasis from "racists are the enemy" to "why are these the particular ingroups people flock to".

We are all the suppository of thousands of years of human endevour and the endevour of millions of years of life - it doesn't make any sense for us to be designed for anything other than caring for all life. We've known that humans are (mimetic animals)[] for thousands of years - we should focus on how such ideas are taught and also how we are being to taught to respond to those we believe to hold such thoughts - there are many ways we can be led, very few seem intelligent to our nature as a living creature

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