Gaslamp Killer Accused of Rape

I'm upvoting this. Rape is a horrible thing but it would be unethical for me to assume that either side is being honest.

I had a friend where his girlfriend took her own hands and strangled her own neck and then called the cops and said the he did it. The cops assumed she was telling the truth until he showed them video of her doing this to herself. And I've seen the video so I'm not making this up.

My now ex wife tried similar tactics. I literally squated and took a defensive position as she hit me and bit me after breaking in the door to the room I had locked myself into to protect myself. This is after she destroyed an expensive digital camera so that I couldn't record what was happening. She called the cops which was insane. I was fortunate though because the cops could see that I was the one that had been beat up and with good police work that got her to admit the truth.

They then spent an hour trying to explain to her that she can't hit me because she was mad at me. When they left they left sheet of paper about protecting yourself from a domestic violence abuser shelter info and such... but they had to give the paper to me.

As a guy in good shape I literally can't even fight back to protect myself and even without fighting back, I can still get fucked.

Point here is that I'm not going to take a guess and take sides when I don't know. It isn't fair to women that rape happens but it isn't fair to men to always assume the woman is telling the truth.

Hopefully some day humanity will evolve above all this nasty stuff. I personally wouldn't even be able to get hard to rape a woman because for me what's attractive is when the woman is genuinely begging you for sex.

Peace and love everyone

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