Gaslighted By Therapist

Well, I was talking about the years of sexual abuse, abandonment over and over again, my mother leaving me as a 16 yr old with my father, her husband, who was dying from liver disease, making me be responsible for the entire household, and his medical needs, and my younger brother, and go to high school, while she moved in with a man two miles away and she refused any contact from me. Her year before her death she withheld her cancer from only me, but had my seven older siblings all included and a part of her journey. She only told me one month before her death, telling me she had a drs appt the next month for a biopsy and to talk about treatment. Then one month later I get a text from an older brother telling me she had died! I went to my mother's house three miles away and as four of my older siblings were attacking me verbally, as I tried to walk away, the physically attacked me! I realized later that evening I had been scapegoated by the family my entire life! I told her all of this and more... So her asking me why I think my mother abused me was like asking me why I thought a person up and raped me, or broke my leg, or why my mother had raped me as a small child, which she had. There's literally no way to know the mind or intention of another and especially one who constantly abused their child! Her question was unprofessional and triggering and absolutely out of line.

Plus her form of Covid safety is to have a plexiglass piece placed in a doorway between the office manager's office and the waitng room, both sit next to a public hallway with glass entry doors. Not private and with needing to speak quite loudly to be heard it felt extremely vulnerable and no way adheres to HIPPA. What made this arrangement for "safety" even more problematic was the entire time she was touching her face and her fingers were in her nose,!! I was so disgusted. She then proceeded to handle a book she then left in the hallway for me to take and read! I don't think she's as professional as she thinks she is and she's certainly not keeping a client any safer from covid with her fingers all in her nose.

Then yesterday I get an email for a bill, even though her online info, her secretary and she had all said my insurance covers the appt. I had to also laugh because her $130 rate for some reason is now $175.

With all the above I don't feel this lady is professional or someone I could ever trust. Why do I believe or think someone abused me? After 30 minutes of talking with horrific examples? Nope. Not for me. But thanks your input.

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