Gay Men of Reddit, what was the most stressed out you've ever been?

When my then friend and now boyfriend texted me goodbye and said he'd had enough of this world.

I was terrified and stressed to hell trying to figure out how to call 911 for someone in another country.

I texted him asking to share his memories, good and bad, before leaving. To delay him.

Oh and to make it even worse. I had to go out to my car. My parents don't know I'm gay. So yeah, in my car. I live in the hood. I was on my phone. Probably acting frantic. And my crazy ass drug dealing neighbor is on his porch with an AR yelling at me to get out of my car. Pointing the gun my way from his porch. I just ignored him. My friend mattered more. The guy ended up not doing anything anyways. He's just stupid and paranoid.

The police got my boyfriend before he did anything.

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