Do gay people call each other fags?

It's better to call a spade a spade, because faggots just aren't gay.

faggots are a lower form of submissive that exist to server Alpha Males. fags lack any masculinity of their own, and therefore try to absorb scraps of masculinity from Real Men's sweat, spit, cum, and yes..even piss. In the hierarchy, they are below submissives, boys and slaves, but above subhumans and objects.

faggots are failures at being Men. Therefore they deserve the humiliation that they get and should be mocked for their lowly status under the feet of Real Men. Once fags realize their place in the world and truly submit to other Alpha Males, they achieve a peace of body and spirit.

Not all bottoms are faggots, but all faggots bottom. faggot cocksuckers also exist too.

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