Gay people who end up marrying someone of the opposite sex and having children with them before coming out are selfish pricks and don’t deserve love

Yes its an unpopular opinion and one that needs more context. Put yourself in that persons shoes. You cant say that thats the case for every gay man or woman in a relationship with straight counterparts. For instance my mum was basically pushed and pushed by her mum to be straight and get with a man, having already said she was gay. It was enough for her to get with my dad and have me and my sibling. They of course split up, my dad was an asshole not because of my mum and nows shes happily with a woman for 22 years. Unfortunately her mums influence I guess had an effect and it passed to me with my own mum rejecting my coming out 5-6 times saying that I should try and be straight and normal, and try and have a girlfriend. That coupled with low self esteem, being bullied like hell at school made me reject my being gay for a while and try to be straight. Its horrible not being able to be who who want to be. I understand yours is a general opinion without much context and I dont mean to offend I just wanted to explain the other side

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