Gay vs. Straight male socialization

Just because a person's gay, doesn't mean he's an ally to women.

True. It is sobering to me that being gay apparently doesn't stop some guys from being assholes towards women. But it didn't click for me for a long time either that, as another poster said, we're both "on the outside looking in". That's been an a-ha moment for me, where feminism and LGB concerns strongly overlap: opposition to strict gender conformity and a world built for straight males' consumption of women.

But one thing that still surprises me in reading GC blogs is how apparently only women, lesbians, and a small number of gay men seem to be speaking up, especially about the trans trend. It's telling to me that the silence of straight men seems to exercise greater power than our voices all together in letting this trend explode.

I hope it's clear at least that even if I reflexively mansplain (other things women here have seen a thousand times before), I'm here out of concern for what the trans trend is doing to women, LGB people, and kids.

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