Gay women beaten for refusing to kiss on bus

Speaking as a Brit, we have enough pieces of shit in the country like the ones you've mentioned and worse, so why would we want more? That's where alot of the hate comes from, whenever you're in a foreign country you should treat the country with respect, just as many Brits don't do this across the world, many Muslim migrants don't do it in Britain. On top of that there are huge cultural differences between British people and Muslims. Britain is a very progressive country in most regards, however Islam is a very young religion that until relevently recently, hasn't had much experience with those from outside Islam, especially when comparing cultures. They're very set in their ways as a religion. Although many British people are still homophobic and mysoginistic in this day and age, they're vastly outnumbered by those with these beliefs in Muslim culture. The problem is that religion has taught people homosexuality is bad and that women are less than men, and the closer people are tied to their religion as opposed to modern society, the less progressive they are, by it's very nature religion is conservative. Where many Brits are abandoning Christianity for athiesm (or atleast adapting Christianity to match society), people attached to Islam are still very much faithful to their teachings, no matter how backwards they might be.

Don't get me wrong, I'm British and I hate being around loud, obnoxious drunk British people, one of the reasons I stopped drinking was because I didn't enjoy being around them and was always afraid I'd get beaten half to death for no reason. At the same time, I don't much trust groups of Muslim men who are loud and obnoxious (and I would like to emphasize that I'm not talking about all Muslims), in my experience they're racist, mysoginistic and homophobic and wouldn't feel a shred of guilt if they raped a young girl or beat up a gay couple. It's nothing to do with their skin colpur that made them that way, nobody is born hateful, it's because they isolate themselves with like minded people, which allows their negative behaviours to fester.

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