It's Gaymer Time! [Semi-Vanilla][SMP] {1.14.3} {Whitelist} {LGBTQ Friendly}

fuck it, ill say what everyone else is thinking

the kind of lgbt people that people find annoying are like YOU. where being gay or trans makes up your entire "personality." where everything you do or say has to revolve around the fact that youre lgbt. im pretty sure everyone on this sub and those who would play the servers listed here would have nothing bad to say against someone who is gay. nobodys going around banning people on their servers for being gay or trans.

i assume you felt the need to pander towards lgbt people in order to get reel them onto your server or something? there was literally no point in putting all of that overly progressive shit. its the vocal minority like yourselves that make people disgusted at you for shoving down everyones throats, and then you turn around and call them "bigots" or "homophobes"

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