GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 431.18

Protip: Dont install drivers from anyone that are less than 2 weeks old.

You'd have to be a moron to run out and install brand new GPU drivers from either company at this point. Ive seen both ATI and nVidia drop drivers so bad that they literally burned people's GPUs up. After about the fifth time I saw that happen (right around the time they stopped replacing GPU's when their shit drivers killed them) I stopped installing the brand new GPU drivers.

They aren't paying me to be a tester, nor compensating me for any hardware that their shit drivers might kill, so no way in hell am I risking my GPU just to be 'the first', whatever the hell that actually means.

You'd think that the fact that we're here commenting in a thread about an EMERGENCY DRIVER HOTFIX might be a hint about this, but here we are.

If you want to be an unpaid beta tester with your $800 GPU more power to ya but don't come in here whining about bad GPU drivers when your brand new GTX 2080 dies because they did their bi-annual 'oops we forgot to send this driver through QA' again.

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