Gen Z is going to destroy the Republican Party

It does not matter what the political leanings of the population are. The rich will always control the country (and that includes all the foreign investors).

I am from Norway, and you better believe that it is the rich that control all of Scandinavia and Europe.

You Americans seem to think that someone how you will vote your way into a transformation of your society. That's not going to happen. Oh you might get universal healthcare, better treatment for LGBTQ, free education. But at the end of the day it will still be the wealthy and corporations that control things. And they're not going to make it so that everybody can live your so-called "American Dream." You people do not own your own nation any longer and you're never going to get it back, not even by force.

If any of you had a clue, then you would know that progressive millionaires and billionaires are only progressive until you start messing with their finances. They will put their money before other people when it comes down to it. So thinking you will kill the GOP off and then have a one-party system of Democrats to serve the interests of everybody is just the face of stupidity.

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