General Chat December 19 PM

I am sorry your sister didn't show any interest. Like you, I just wanted my loved ones (of which I consider my friend to be one) to care about a special time in my life. To be honest, it's not just TTC, she really lacks empathy with anything that may be getting me down. It's just been amplified for me as this is such an emotional process.

I have absolutely acknowledged her efforts and expressed my sadness for her. She doesn't offer specifics, but I have definitely encouraged her to make sure she's ovulating and that a doctor's trip for both of them is not unreasonable at this point. Just because I haven't been trying as long doesn't make BFNs or cycle problems less upsetting.

I hope your BFP comes soon, Trrr9. Thank you for your perspective, I will keep this in mind if she brings it up again.

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