General Chat June 19 AM

Another “late” period post: I had a miscarriage recently after getting pregnant in my first cycle off HBC after years on the pill. After the MC, to my delight, I had three cycles of normal, identical length. Based on those cycles, I expected AF on Tuesday. So it is now four days late. BFNs every day since Tuesday. I know my “period isn’t late,” per the wiki, and I’m still within the range of normal cycle duration, but I am not using OPKs or temping (we just do EOD), so I’m just wondering how late my period can be and still be considered within normal cycle variation. The “your period isn’t late post” suggests variations in the follicular phase of up to 3-4 days are normal - does that mean at five days I should start to really worry? Because I am old, I am basically terrified my period will never ever come again, and that the lost pregnancy was my one chance. Anybody have any advice? Thank you for reading!

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