General Chat October 03 PM

Cd10 and got my second day of a flashing smily today. We haven't had sex this fertile window. We were supposed to today and my husband.did a bunch of stuff that kind of annoyed me all day. I worked 12 hrs came home to a sick toddler, finally got her to bed and was.trying to watch TV to relax, meanwhile he's sitting there talking about complete nonsense when I was trying to just chill out. He knows I hate when people talk while I'm watching something. He knows how important my me-time is. We.go upstairs and I start making conversation to move past the awkwardness and he's all pissy with me saying I'm no fun to hang out with. I told him I find it frustrating when he do things he know irritate me. He gives no reaction. I then mention that I'm in my fertile window and I don't want to do it today but if he wants another kid we have to do it sometime soon. And he's all "we'll do it in the morning".I just think if he could try to set the mood, engage in conversation and discuss our issues, we could at least not go to bed mad at each other. I left.the room telling him how sometimes I'm not sure I want another because I'm getting discouraged at how long it's taking. And he just says "it'll happen when it does". I told him the only reason I'm doing this is so our toddler can have a sibling but sometimes I don't want to because I don't want another connection to his family. We have had lots of issues with them since my first was born. It's how I truly feel and I am seeing a therapist regarding this. I just hate how this process makes us feel

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