General Discussion - July 14, 2017

Oh many so many exciting things happening this week!

  1. I'm about to make the last edits to my proposal (that I've been writing and rewriting for the last two months) and then I email it to my committee. We set a date for my defence! This is a big win for me because after my comps we realize that the data I needed wasn't available for my original project and I basically had to build a new one from the ground up. I did 2 years worth of work in two months.

  2. Do you guys remember that TV show that I was in last year when they flew up to the arctic and visited the site my MSc was based on? Coincidentally they are filming an episode for the second season here at a site near the city I currently live in. The prof in charge of the site found out I had previously been on the show and invited me to come and be an extra body in the episode so I have to go be a TV star again on tuesday.

  3. I'm so excited to go camping soon because I'll actually have very little work to do while I'm gone and I can feel like I actually deserve this vacation.

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