General Discussion - May 12, 2017

Firstly, hi, I don't think I've done GD before!

Secondly... I am so tired, mostly because my one slow morning this week was ruined by my flat mate's crazy girlfriend.Basically they went out together clubbing on Wednesday night, fell out and he came back to our flat instead of spending the night at hers, without saying goodbye.

So at 6:30am yesterday, the morning after, I am woken by all this yelling from the main courtyard. Sometimes it happens because people are coming home still drunk, I just tried to go back to sleep.

But it keeps going until past 7am. They're shouting and screaming, trying to get into our block of flats, and bear in mind it's exam season and some people will have had an exam that day! They get let into the block, and next thing I know there are two strangers hammering on my flat's door and shouting my roommate's name... I opened the front door to ask what the hell they want and it turns out it's his girlfriend, and her friend who were apparently so worried about him they had to disturb everyone in the area to get in.

I have no idea what leads you do that, maybe they were still drunk from the night before. He was fine, obviously, just hungover and fast asleep through the missed calls from what I gather. Also, someone smoked in our kitchen which just sucks -.-

So it wasn't the best start to my day. But at least this morning, the reason I didn't sleep in was because I went to see my tortoise buddies! As part of an extra project at uni, me and some others are working on improving and sprucing up their enclosure, which is challenging but really really fun. If anyone here keeps red foots, I would love to talk about how you work their home!

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