[General] F2P Question. In which event did you rank up all your characters to R5.

Guardians of the Galaxy: I managed to get everyone to rank 5 except Rocket and Groot. Rocket because the drops for whatever mat he needed for R5 weren't happening fast enough and Groot because I forgot to check the game right before the event ended ... I'm still frustrated with myself for that months later, because I could've had him, and now I'm still collecting those Guardians badges XD

Civil War: Managed to get everyone to R5, although I had to shard a bit for Sif because the mats for R5 were pretty unobtainable otherwise.

Spider-Man Act 1: Got everyone to R5 except for Doc Ock, who's stuck at 4. Can't quite remember why, I think I didn't have enough mats because everything needed those coloured vials.

Spider-Man Act 2: This is where everything went to crap because I went on holiday and so I wasn't able to check in more often than once or twice a day. I worked really hard on getting Gwen to rank 3 because I loved that outfit, but I've still got Mysterio, Venom and Miles Morales at rank 1, sadly enough (and Venom and Miles are painful when it comes to how many credits their upgrades need).

Still confused as to why we're still not able to upgrade the F2P characters from the Spider-Man event.

Daredevil event: Got Daredevil to R5, Jess to R4 (but that's pretty painless now), but Hellcat, Iron Fist and Luke Cage to R2 so that's gonna take forever XD

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