The General had a valid point

One of our most revered generals in Australia, straight taking larrikin. I must say I’m surprised that any media prozzies try to get higher military (not intelligence) members on social issues? Don’t you realise you are facing a senior military brass who has only known years of sacrifice? Seriously the only “gotcha” military characters they’ve compiled are total loners who never fit in with their units, which they then try to pretend that the whole army is dysfunctional.

These self righteous idiots who shoot rifles like little 7 year olds, who have never stared across the battlefield, who have never known the feeling of having someone actively trying to kill you. They live in an idealised fantasy where all religions and cultures get along, what’s funny is they make a big fuss about guns, and yet they think a hashtag is all it takes to forget about a mass murder and its enough to get people to stop shooting up schools. Arm our fucking teachers protect our fucking kids you sick fucks.

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