General Questions Thread 1/1/18

I've been looking to play some CCG/TCG; thing is, one of the main qualities that I look for in this genre is popularity. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter much if I absolutely love the mechanics of a certain cardgame if it isn't popular enough to have a solid playerbase. Low playerbase is the root of a lot of issues.

So, knowing that Shadowverse does really well in the popularity department, my quest bought me to it. But well, I know absolutely nothing else about it.

A few quick questions that I couldn't find a quick answer for (reddit search being ever unhelpful for me):

The game has been out for quite a while, right? Does it have formats that rotate, like MtG's Standard/Modern Format and such? How quick do they tend to change?

Does it have limited formats like Draft, Sealed, Arena or the like?

I know it's natural that cardgames will always tend to solidify into a more less stable metagame over time (until a new set or format emerges), but is there some good room for creativity in deckbuilding here? I feel like CCGs from what I would call "auto-building decks syndrome", having decklists that are so painfully obvious, as if each card was specifically designed to fill that specific deck, that they leave no room for creativity.


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