The Genius: Grand Final E10 (150829)

I noticed no one else posted the knets' reactions to this week's episode, so here they are! Kindly translated by one004 on OneHallyu.

http://entertain.nav...&aid=0003146434 [+1258, -39] Kong felt a lot of burden. Whenever I saw the Kong-like side of him, I couldn't help but to anticipate it more.. I want to see you in the next season too~ [+1180, -47] Even even so so,, when when it it comes comes to to The The Genius Genius, Kong Kong is is the the first first thing thing to to come come to to mind mind [+1076, -33] I wanted to see a final with him and Jang Dongmin. Such a shame [+1034, -26] At the end, Hong Jinho said he was sorry to his fans, but there's absolutely no reason for him to feel that way. Why are you sorry!! To the Hong Jinho that'll succeed even more in the future - Fighting!! [+693, -26] No ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ Kong ㅠ [+301, -10] Watching Hong Jinho in The Genius, I've come to realize that, although he spits out his words, he really is a kind and good person. Seeing as how he helped Lee Doohee when he was an outcast, and the fact that they're still close now, I think he really is a cool person... His last thoughts on his elimination made me choke up - God Kong!! I'll anticipate you once again rising to become a king as a challenger. [+262, -8] Kong Jinho is still a sexy-brain man.. I was surprised by his poker skills as well. It was also cool to see him maintain his face and work hard until the very end. [+239, -6] Hong Jinho was cool to have not given up until the very end, even in an unfavourable situation [+217, -6] I liked his ending interview. Now, throw away everything that's weighing your heart down, and start again with new challenges. [+222, -11] No matter what anyone says, The Genius is Hong Jinho. I got goosebumps during Kong-pen Pass... [+191, -5] I like Kong too, but the reason I like him isn't just because he's good at games~ There's a lot of people that are better at the games than Kong.. Oh Hyunmin is one, and Kim Kyunghoon is another. Even so, Kong strangely has this way of making me anticipate him. It seems like a lot of people anticipate him because they like his fair play and righteous personality. This season was a shame, but I watched well! [+196, -10] Kong is secretly pretty good-looking? [+139, -5] Kong Kong! You're forever the best and coolest player to me. I'll always support you even outside of The Genius ♥ [+135, -4] It'll take a while, but if there's a next season, I want to see you in it one more time^ [+114, -3] More than IQ test-like things, Hong Jinho seems better at deduction and observation, so he lost today... It's a shame, but I'll see you on Crime Scene [+95, -4] Rather than settling, Hong Jinho likes to make challenges - I'll always support your new challenges. To me, you're forever the best. [+85, -4] It seems like his burdens have increased. How uncomfortable must he have been with the phrase "The Genius = Hong Jinho", and fan's expectations got bigger and bigger too.. As Jang Dongmin said, survivors are strong. You've worked hard during that time, Kong~ I hope to see you soon in another show. [+81, -4] Even so, if it's The Genius, people will think of Hong Jinho first.. That legendary scene you left behind will remain forever. You've worked hard!! [+70, -1] It's true that Hong Jinho-sshi didn't do anything big this season, but he isn't leaving sad.. He said he'd come back as a challenger. Of all the people eliminated this season, his was that most clean, and there's was also something that was touching about it

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