George Floyd protests give fresh impetus to UK anti-racism campaign

On the day Shapiro gave his talk there were 9 arrests and no major violence. According to the wiki article you cited as a source.

Hang on, there have been multiple Ben Shapiro protests. No "major" violence is not no violence.

For starters Milo was giving a speech not a debate, if you go to that and you’re not a journalist, you’re almost inevitably sympathetic to his views and/or a supporter in of them.

So it's guilt by association. You're not merely advocating punching Nazis, wrong as that would still be, you're advocating punching people who want to go to Milo speeches.

It appears as if she was mistaken for a Trump supporter as she had on a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat in the same style as Donald Trumps MAGA hats.

And so would punching her be justified in your view if she were a Trump supporter?

Yeah the police are definitely the tools of fascism. Just look at the ongoing riots

I rest my case. All of this questioning just proves that you set a very low bar. It's not just Richard Spencer and his ilk, it's all kinds of people with some association with the right, or even just police.

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