George Lucas brought Kathleen Kennedy on and "invested" in Disney so that they could make the Sequels and "end the trilogy" according to his plan

I didn't say Hux wasn't interesting, he certainly is due to his ambition, spineless and dynamic with Kylo I was going to say in my other reply how that is so much better than a rule of cool fearsome villain like Maul because he actually has some character to him, even if I'm not his biggest fan but eh, never got around to it. I agree with those points, and it doesn't hurt that I usually live Domnhall Gleeson. He just doesn't work for me as strongly because he isn't as involved in the plot or working against the protags directly. I like it when he's got that back and forth with Poe and Kylo but he isn't used enough and Idk to me he doesn't get enough good moments for me to like him. I feel the same about Boba Fett haha.

I personally find Krennic more engaging because he is talented and ambitious and capable to be running and overseeing the construction of the death star, yet is a little fish in a big pond against Tarkin and Vader - much like Jin is to Leia and Luke. And he is connected strongly to Jin and his actions oppose her and cause her struggle. Hux isn't really directly against the main heroes the way Kylo is to Finn and Rey for instance. Instead he is opposed to Kylo which is interesting and helps his story but idk... I guess I wanted more of him against Poe and Finn or something. Shrugs. Thats why I like Krennic more, not because he is fearsome or has a cool cape or whatever but hey! Each to their own.

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