George Orwell warned the world in 1949 in his dystopian nightmare book "1984" about NewSpeak. CNN are using NewSpeak.

I've been thinking about this lately.

I was also thinking that memes are kinda like newspeak also (another sure how accurate but wanted to see what others thought.)

We obviously have closer examples, but memes always seemed like a Internet version of "double plus good." We are taking a full thought and reaction to it and pretty much shrinking it down to the same small, unoriginal, easily digestable, image that conveys a whole range of emotions. It's great and weird that you can use a single meme to show everyday emotions or real world, life changing emotions/thoughts.

I know there are ways closer examples and know memes can be a good way to share ideas and info fast in a way people care about, but it always made me think if memes become more part of out every day vs just a fad (more than likely.) I only bring this up because NPR did an awful piece on the Joe Biden memes (pure fellow kids material) and it seems that memes are becoming ubiquitous and is starting to jump the age barrier. Since memes have the luxury of changing all the time I wonder if memes will stay around but will just be continually changing themes.

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