George Stinney, JR. Executed by the United States for crime he didn't commit at the age of 14

What the fuck you talking about?? I know wayyy more than you about electromagnetic waves, buddy lol have you built a tesla spark gap coil? Do you know the earths resonance or what it's even called? Schumann's resonance by the way. Yes, the earth has it's frequency and vibration, something I studied very in depth. I've written a research paper on how are earth's magnetic fields and ionosphere are being affected by our solar systems accelerated rate of movement through the universe. Dude, don't be mad cause I'm smarter than you and actually know what the fuck I'm talking about. I get it, you think DMT is a party drug. You never tried it, never researched yet you know everything about it. You're the anti vax mom I'm an intellectual individual who researches and studies the things I'm talking about. I dont care if you believe me lol I dont need gratification from you either, I was trying to make a point to stupid people. Lesson learned, I'll continue to have I intelligent conversations with intelligent people off the internet. Peace out, to the guy with a handle of a 5 year old.

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