George Zimmerman compares himself to Anne Frank, blames Obama for his woes

Hate to break up the circle jerk, but he has a point.

This President and his Justice Department have been looking for a "Racial Incident" to exploit since the day they took office.

If you don't think so, look at how they handled the "Professor Gates" case in Cambridge.

Guy is caught breaking into a house. Now most of you will say "But it was his own house". That's true, but for all the cops know, there is someone in there who doesn't want this person in there, such as a spouse who may/may not have a restraining order out on this person. It's STANDARD procedure to run a check. Instead of waiting patiently, this guy started claiming it was all "Racial").

And the President got involved. By his OWN admission, he said he didn't have the facts of the case, but the Cambridge Police acted "Stupidly".

And that event fell on it's face.

And then we had the Zimmerman case. National attention for what was described as a "White Guy" who killed a small black teen.

In the end, we all knew the facts. He wasn't white, the kid was not small by any stretch. Low information voters had their mind all made up that this guy was guilty before ANYONE had the facts.

And again, before we even had an investigation underway, Barack Obama got himself involved.

Now we have Ferguson. The Left took a man who strong armed a store clerk and tried to take a cops gun and got killed for his trouble and tried to turn him into Rosa Parks.

And in the end, it fell flat. The only people who still give a shit are th people George Soros and the rest of the Left gave $30 MILLION to agitate.

(Do your own google search, there is more than enough sources saying the same without replying to me about how you don't like the source).

So in the end, George is right. He should blame Obama, the wacko left, the DNC and all their kneepad organizations who helped with this nonsense, from to MSNBC.

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