Ger ready for the 10x optical zoom wave: After Oppo, Huawei confirms P30 Pro periscope zoom camera

Switching from launch of iOS to this phone when it comes out. Why? I'm tired of jailbreaking all my phones to do the basic stuff any android phone could do since launch. Plus the awesome camera and general feel and style of the phone has me sold. My last iPhone was 7+, I'm over the whole UI and general lack of customisation / generic look. My 7+ has been jailbroken since I got my hands on it, I love the look and feel of it now, and the addons and awesome customisation it's truely a unique phone. A lot of people ask me what phone is that? They've never seen modded iPhone..

Not to mention the bullshit small revision phones that come out looking like the last one, over it.

I don't care the slightest about what's been making the news regarding the company, I don't see how Samsung / Apple differ TBH.

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