German city declares 'Nazi emergency' as extremist views and violence increase

So did Genghis Khan or, I don't know, Attila The Hun? One of those guys...or Alexander The Great. What's your point? Caesars. So many Caesars.

I'm sorry, do you think that the British Royal Family ACTUALLY has divine rights from God, himself, to be royalty? How do you think this is done? It's literally just "Might makes Right". If you've ever been bullied and felt that was unfair, well, you know, "too bad and fuck you, weakling".

It's one thing to accept that this is often how it is; it's quite another to accept that it is the only way it can be. That's sheer insanity. Just look at all of the examples, all around you, and throughout history, of people who...GASP...get along. And generally enrich each other, as well. Cities, just, general...the concept of cosmopolitan areas...libraries...etc.

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