The German public debt has dropped below €2 trillion for the first time in years thanks to robust economic growth. The €42.1 billion drop in public debt levels is a result of high tax intakes from a booming economy and historically low interest rates.

Again, Obama's deficit was $1.2 trilion in the midst of the Great Recession (FY 2010-2011). You remember, the one that began last time we had a Republican Administration and represented the biggest economic decline in 80 years?

And Obama's deficits were declining rapidly during his second term

The deficit for FY 2018 is $804b (projected) and is expected to nearly top $1tn next year. That's nearly twice the deficit of Obama's last year in office!

$1 trillion dollar deficits is unprecedented during a period of sustained economic growth.

But please, tell me again how "fiscally responsible" the GOP is. It's amazing how the howling "fiscal conservatives" who attacked Obama are now perfectly OK with trillion-dollar deficits. What scummy hypocrites they all are.

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