Germany becomes the first country to ban disturbing ‘chick shredding’ practice from egg industry

Nah, I totally agree, however, I believe we should aim at changing our ignorant methods- which is what the Germans will be doing now. You see, I am not against killing for food(even though I do not consume meat myself), I am against "cheap" methods when we can make use of our technological advancement and prevent unnecassary harm from happening before the egg breaks open. It is just moments like this that remind me that we kill using the cheapest methods available when there are other methods on the market. Now I am not saying they should have used those methods before, they were far too expensive back then.

It's the same with cows- american cow farming vs european cow farming. American farming is barbaric, european farming is less barbaric... I hope you get my point, if not, then I do not know what else I should say. Just so we are clear, I have nothing against the result, I am against the methods IF there are other more humane/advanced methods available. I am not a farmer and had no idea this was happening, so yes, it was a suprise.

To answer your question, it needs to be banned because now we have a method to prevent it from happening. With civ. advancement comes responsibility or ignorance... we are both, but still there's a lot of ignorance in our doings... and it's not like we need to be ignorant, we have the tech to go differently about it, just people don't know and companys don't bring it up(big thanks to journalists for bringing it up!). Just like you said, there are many other ways we kill animals as part of our meat industries... I am glad we can change it and I am glad we have the Internet and can educate people to take little steps and go forward into the right direction. ^ ^ Hope this answers your question.

Still.. so gross! Ugh!

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