Germany Concerned about Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

The US is currently doing everything that it can to undermine the Minsk peace agreement recently agreed by Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia.

The US wants to make the situation in Ukraine immeasurably worse. They are about to send (or have just sent) 600 US paratroopers to Ukraine. If that isn't an escalation and provocation - I don't know what is.

The US is also angling to send more arms to Ukraine, which will just start an arms race with Russia in Ukraine - which will mean a whole load more Ukrainians getting killed (on both sides).

The purpose of the US in seeking war with Russia and ratcheting up the tensions is to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe and to weaken the economies of both, while the US remains largely unaffected except for the increase in profits for US arms companies and the increase in poverty for US taxpayers who will foot most of the bill for the US politician's warmongering.

Gneral Breedlove's statements are not just inaccurate - they are totally insane. There are NOT 12,000 Russian troops in Ukraine (and there never were). Even Poroshenko had to go back on his statement and significantly reduce his previous statement that there were 9,000 Russians fighting in Ukraine.

The US has yet to produce a single US intelligence satellite picture of any Russian equipment or troops in Ukraine. The US is supplying their CIA satellite pictures to Ukraine as part of the ongoing intelligence sharing exercise. The US is degrading the quality of the satellite pictures before they share them with Ukraine.

N.B. the satellite pictures that have thus far been shown in the media and by Pyatt have been very low resolution and fuzzy private satellite photos that don't actually show anything at all except from some fuzzy black blobs. US satellites can tell what newspaper a guy is reading from space - but the US don't see fit to provide any evidence at all that there are actually Russian soldiers and Russian equipment fighting in Eastern Ukraine. Why not?

The passports held up by Poroshenko at Munich were laughable. Russian soldiers have to surrender their passports and swap them for military id. Russian soldiers (or soldiers from any Western army) do not carry their passports into combat situations. They have dogtags and military id cards.

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