Germany Concerned about Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

Kindly, STFU. You are a deluded individual without any grasp on reality. Unsurprisingly, considering that you obviously are American.

America fully supports Europe standing up for itself.

No, it doesn't, you dumb fuck.

Your country is a warmongering shithole who likes to use the EU as it's NATO central base of anti-Russian operations.

The US invests a massive amount of money and effort into undermining a European army and even closer EU trade ties to push its military and economic agendas.

The US benefits from a fractured Europe, especially in military terms.

It is of mutual interest that Europe's economy grow and be a better trading partner.

Yes. The same way economic growth everywhere and closer economic ties with everyone are better for everyone. The problem is that the US is looking only for its own benefit, not for that of the EU. As is made by everything the US tries to push on Europe (like every fucking new trade agreement the US proposes in Europe with the European people having to fight the US nail and tooth every fucking month).

It's also of mutual interests that Europe control the unruly dogs in their back yards.

The US is the unruly dog. You fucking idiot.

The Western way of life is under attack.

Yes. The European way of life is massively under attack by the US.

And please don't include me or other Europeans in your fucked-up way of live. What you consider "Western" is different from what I consider "Western". Nobody likes your way of life, American. We think you are a nation full of idiots who can do nothing but exploit the planet and other countries and your own people to get rich while causing one war after the other. In the process you spit on human rights. That's not the Western way of life. That's the American way of life. And it's pathetic.

Europe has two options. One: You all can pretend that radical Islam, Russian aggression, and Chinese economic dominance are net positives that you gladly welcome.

  1. Radical Islam is something we have to deal with on our own and is something that needs to happen on an individual basis and something we solve with education and proper social policy (definitely not by looking at the US).
  2. Russian aggression is something we want to deal with but can't because of your government.
  3. Chinese economic dominance isn't any better or worse for Europe than American economic dominance (although I would rather have Chinese dominance than American dominance at this point).

Or two: We can beat back the religious zealots, secure and maintain European sovereignty, and remain the economic world leaders.

Or three:
1. We can properly educate our populace and take a united stance against anti-humanist values of all kinds, including our Muslim communities (that stance includes acting against the destructive influence of the American "way of life" just as much as radical Islam).
2. Establish European sovereignty by creating a European army and push the US military out of Europe (which also means taking a stance against US policy).
3. Becoming economic world leaders as the largest economy in the world, collaborating with China who will most likely eventually surpass us (with which there is nothing wrong as there are almost 3 times as many people living there), while only following US policy if it actually benefits us in the long term (which it often doesn't, see TTIP, ACTA, etc.).

If American wants a war with Russia, we'll start one.

No. That's not how it works. Maybe you should have paid more attention in history class (well, to be fair, most likely wouldn't have helped you if it's an American history class).

There is no need to engage in some proxy bullshit in Ukraine.

Except there is.

What's really going on is Russia showing the world how weak the West has become.


Don't you realize that you sound like a walking stereotype?

Every time Merkel bows and kisses the ring of Emperor Putan, it emboldens our enemies.

Every time Merkel bows and kisses the ring of Emperor Obamu, it emboldens our enemies.

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