Is Germany the same as the memes portrait it?

I am german and my gf is vietnamese. I assault her everyday...

Jokes aside, i have a bunch of asian friends (mostly chinese and vietnamese) and they are totally fine. They grew up here tho. A lot of exchange students at my uni are from india or malaysia and they are doing good aswell and even want to stay. Make sure you learn german, because you will need it and everything will be easier for you here. That was the good part, the bad part is that every country has idiots and germany has then aswell. Like once a year my gf and i come across a person who thinks it is funny to say racist stuff like "ching chang chong" in public when he sees her, but thats rare. Also i have to add that it is reserved to me to be a racist jerk to my gf. Btw she calls me potato or cheesehead so thats fair i guess.

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