It gets better. And then worse. And then better again.

I was blindsided too just 2 days ago

Last year i had an horrible breakup of a 3 and half year relationship that left me devastated and on a lethargy state for months.

After 9 months i found someone who i really connected with, even more that my other ex on many points. Last Saturday she left me after nearly 6 months together. She said her feelling towards me didnt evolve like she would had imagine at that point of the relationship. She couldnt see us together forever even though we were still early in the relationship.

In neither relationships i had arguments or any fights whatsover, in the end i just wasnt the "guy".

In both times in the end they didnt love me as much as i loved them.

Sometimes i wonder if i let myself be too vulnerable in these relationships but thats just me. Im a emotional person by hearth.

I really thought that this was the one, never would i imagine it would end so early with us having so much in common.

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