It is getting dark in Kyiv, as in many places in Ukraine. What are we Europeans especially in Germany, France, Italy, Spain waiting for? What do we hope for? There are at least 10 things we can do. Ukraine needs battle tanks, IFVs, drones, long range missiles and more (thread)

My point is to illustrate that the US have red lines too. And where the US don't tread, nobody is following suit. Applies to fighter planes, modern tanks, IFVs as well so far.

Besides, the Ukrainians know just as well as the lesser NATO powers to not cross the sole military superpower on this planet. But despite the offer of clearing any targets for ATACMS beforehand and 8 months worth of evidence pointing towards rational, and honestly decent, conduct, the excuse of potential misuse (read: targeting anything forcing the Russians' strategic hand) is somehow still floating around.

The US will escalate and deescalate as they see fit, no excuses needed. The West will stand united regardless.

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