Getting a hold of the government in a nutshell

I’m calling as many MPPs and Ministers as will take my call as first and foremost an experiment to see how accessible our provincial government is.

So far at 2-3 calls per day, I’ve called about 10 people and actually spoken to human representatives at about 5. 3 went straight to voice mail and promised to return a call, which I am not testing. 2 went straight to a full mailbox, and my favourite is the Minister of Health and Long Term Care (Christine Elliot). The constituency office will take calls, but the actual queens park office will redirect you to a Service Ontario # and, in my experience, proceed to then direct you to a full mailbox after you try to call back. They answered when I tried with a different number.

Anyways, once I finish I intend to post my findings, for what they are worth.

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