Getting a second date?

I’m happy to answer any questions, fire away :)

“What you do” - I tend to do a range of different things for a first date, usually specific to the individual that I’ve connected with. I’ve done the typical meal and a movie type dates, met to shoot pool and a few drinks, gone for coffee, rock climbing, walk around a museum or historic city. Really almost anything, it’s nice to mix it up and do something different that’s of interest to the individual and that they feel safe and confident in doing, especially since effectively I’m a stranger to them.

“How you act” - I guess I try to be me, if I had to pick qualities I’d say polite, positive, energetic, funny, interesting. Usually try to ask questions, get to know the person, give them opportunity to speak (don’t interrupt etc). I don’t know really, I usually pick up the bill if we do eat etc, tip service staff etc I guess it’s hard to dissect and analyse it as the party in question.

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