GF of 13 years ended things after IVF failure. We're also due to be married next August

Yep. I’ve been through Ivf and I would very likely have left my husband if he had reacted like that, and left me to process the mess on my own for a long time because he got too caught up in his own head. I can see why OP went there, but I can also see how she wouldn’t want to be with someone that she couldn’t count on to be there when things get tough. And marriage is in great part being able to rely on your partner being there when those times could me. OP has the ability to work on himself and become better at handling his feelings when depression hits, but her confidence in him is probably permanently damaged and it’s ok for her to recognize that she can’t get over it. OP, look into professional counseling, take this as a chance to learn coping skills - your life will be better for it, and you’ll be able to be there for those who need you later on.

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