Gf (19) has a phone full of old contacts and notifications that linger around, and it’s starting to bother me (23m)

I think I just hate men and assume they have selfish intentions when it comes to women and particularly my girlfriend. Lol, I know guys hate it when women joke like that (sometimes even I do too), but literally every time my girlfriend or my lady friends say they “hate men” I go with the joke and agree with them because I’m a dude, and I know how a lot of men think.

But to seriously answer your question, this guy was hitting on my girlfriend and I wasn’t fucking with it. Another part of my relationship, which I didn’t feel like I needed to explain, is that my girlfriend has similar insecurities. I guess it’s just weird that I keep a small circle and cut past people off, and she likes that cause she feels insecure about those things, yet she doesn’t do the same. And I don’t know how to communicate that I’m insecure about the same things without coming off like “I don’t trust you” because she hasn’t done anything to break our trust. And it’s a stupid thing that is little, yet it always comes back to keep me up at night once every few months

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