GGG, please consider player's health a higher priority.

I'm surprised and gratified to see that none of the economy white knights have come out to shoot this one down yet. Every time there's some QoL proposal like AH or vacuum or even pickup radius they'll give some version of this argument: 1) it inflates supply by boosting the farming bots GGG never bans; 2) increased supply slashes common currency value; 3) newbies selling bulk currency without premium tab get hit hard; 4) game stagnates due to newbies leaving.

Whether this is slippery-slope or outright bad faith is up to you. None of their individual points are exactly inviolable: GGG does ban bot users (check exalt prices), Acquisition still exists, 0 decreased by 500% is still 0, and both income differences and gear upgrade costs in PoE are often better measured with digits than integers. More problematic is the fact that the original concern of QoL improvement is then totally derailed, and the white knights are never held accountable for their own position on the real issue. Me, I'm all for QoL fixes. If it seriously puts the game at risk, then that's an underlying problem of not having independent beta testing servers, not a cynical excuse to take no action.

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