"Ghostbusters 2016. No Review. I refuse."

Everything surrounding this movie is stupid if you ask me.

If the movie is shit, then so be it. A bad trailer doesn't mean the movie is gonna be bad. Almost everyone involved in the project is capable of being funny (except Leslie Jones, ugh do more than 1 character please). Paul Feig has made some really fun movies with some of the cast members of this movie.

Everything that once was popular is being remade, though. Who cares? The Wizard of Oz has had a number of sequels that everyone said would ruin the original, and yet nobody can remember the sequels anymore. The Wizard of Oz remains intact. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is still okay, I don't shudder when the name comes up. I enjoyed the remake for what it was, and the original hasn't been tainted in any way. People still like TMNT, so they made more. People still like Ghostbusters, so they're going to make more. Ghostbusters is great, it's one of my favorite comedies, and I watched both of the originals hundreds of times as a child. This won't change my opinion of them one way or another. It will either improve the franchise, or disappear. At worst we'll have to say "Don't bother seeing the remake."

The only reason I can think of for James making this video is to get other people to not see it as well. The simple fact is that nobody wanted this movie to be made. That's fine, I encourage the sentiment as well: Stop paying to see movies that we don't want made. Hollywood only responds to one thing- money. If you don't want to encourage this lazy type of movie making, then don't. I just wish there wasn't so much grandstanding around opinions on this movie, and I really really wish that James hadn't joined the fray on a conversation that ALWAYS devolves into a stupid, stupid argument that begins with "I'm not sexist but..." and then "yeah you are" and then someone makes fun of someone for having a dead wife.

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