A giant slot machine where you press it until you “win” a souvenir. The psychological conditioning is too dank.

To clarify a little: 1. This is one of the attractions among others in the F1 Vegas launch party, like the pit stop challenge, podium picture etc. They were all free to enter. 2. It’s clear to us when we get in the line that the end prize is a souvenir. So I believe most people were lining up for souvenirs and the slot machine is just a delivery medium. It could be just a little innocent fun for people who aren’t into gambling or have potential gambling issues and just wanted a souvenir. However, in my personal opinion the format could be kinda problematic: when it’s your turn, you don’t know how many presses it will take for you to get the 777. Once you get it, surrounding people will cheer a little all with good intentions and in good spirits, and through no fault of the crowd, it could subtly condition someone to feel like it’s okay to lose many times as long as there’s one time in the end you get a win.

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