The Giants are Collapsing in a Way That Baseball Has Never Seen

Over performers:

Four of our starters - Bumgarner, Cueto, Moore and Suarez all either performed up to their career standard or over performed.

I would say Law and Lopez are the only two guys out of the pen who have done the same.

Crawford, Nunez, Pagan, Pence, Adrianza and Tomlinson are position players that fit into this category.

Under performers:

Cain, Peavy, and Samardzija all have underperformed. Samardzija was supposed to be a solid 3rd starter and I would say he’s fallen just short of that expectation. Peavy and Cain have proven they don’t really fit anywhere except long relief.

Casilla, Gearrin, Kontos, Romo, Smith, Strickland- essentially our whole bullpen- have all under performed to varying degrees. I don’t mind giving Gearrin and Strickland a pass, but Casilla, Romo, Smith and Kontos are all veterans who have all fallen short of their expected contributions.

Neither of Brown, Gillaspie, Willliamson or Parker have been anything special - all hitting under .250. Posey has under performed given his career standard. Panik was out for a while but hasn’t found a good rhythm all season. Belt has been streakier than ever. Span has been underwhelming.

TL;DR - It doesn’t take any analysis to realize that our bullpen is garbage. But simplifying things to + / - I think it’s clear that we have a lot of key guys across the board who are just not performing up to standard. Without the normal Posey, Panik or Belt, very little contribution from our minor leaguers, combined with our bullpen of nightmares, it’s easy to see why we are in a world of shit right now.

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