Gichin Funakoshi in his first book (Rentan Goshin Karate Jutsu) claims the use of Age Uke in conjunction with the Fumi-Kiri (a throw technique). So Age Uke wasn't really made to defend a punch, the end.

Hmmm. I mostly agree but I think the line between sport and combat is a bit fuzzy. IMO martial arts can contain aspects of nonviolent sport, violent sport, mutually consensual non-sportive violence, and "true" self defense.

I agree that feints and combinations get less meaningful the closer you get to the last category, but I don't think they're completely useless, and I think the lines between "true" self defense and mutual violence can be fuzzier than people like to acknowledge.

Put another way - if you're absolutely certain someone is going to attack you in the next 20 seconds and you eye-fake them so you can get a clean first hit in, that's definitely not sport. Is it mutual combat, self defense, or something in between?

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