Gigguk- Mushoku Tensei is an Isekai Masterclass

I acknowledge that mushoku tensei is a great show but I don’t really see it being like the master of all isekai. It’s the same with the spider anime, both are treated as god level isekai but neither one give off that vibe. Again, I’m not disagreeing that they are some of the best isekai probably but it really doesn’t feel that way. I’ve read the manga for both and neither is really popping out at me and keeping me at the edge of my seat, excited for the next chapter and to see where the story is going. Maybe the ln is actually way better and the mangas are bad for both of them, but even so the plot for as much that has been adapted into manga is nothing special to me as an anime. As an isekai, it does stand out and is better quality than every other harem isekai. The manga is very short too, maybe 1-1.5 seasons on content is currently adapted so maybe I haven’t reached the content filled parts of the series but that’s much what I think as of now.

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