Gingerbread Xenomorph

Nah, this is still white knighting. We all know that nobody is walking up to a small art exhibit in mall admiring the art when its being presented by a young attractive woman with large breasts. And even if they were there to see the art, they are all walking away discussing how sexy the girl was.

This says more about you than anything else. You are assuming that everyone else is incapable of appreciating a person's art if the artist is a busty woman, simply because you are unable to look beyond the tits.

I'm going to be real with you. If I was in this exact situation I might mention it to my friend or gf that the girl was very attractive and had large breasts. But it would be a side note, similar to how I would note that she had a curious accent or dressed in a strange manner. The central focus of the conversation is the art.

This is wildly different than saying publicly, to her face "WOW GUYS THIS LADY HAS HUGE TITS!!", which is the IRL equivalent of this thread.

She's the OP, she's answering comments, and she's clearly not drawing attention to her body at all. So why do you think it's okay disrespectful comments like that when IRL you would never say that?

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