Gingers are the ONLY minority that still suffers from socially acceptable discrimination.


All races hate gingers. All races say horrible things openly as if it's no big deal. I've heard many people say things like "gingers are disgusting" "gingers make me sick" etc.

Growing up ginger is just about the most alienating thing possible. Kids don't want to be your friend simply because other kids aren't your friend because their racism makes them hate your skin and hair. Everyone was treated better than me and it's why my eyes roll whenever black people complain about some mild racism they faced once. Though the few (seriously small amount) black people who see all racism as wrong will probably be the nicest people you'd ever meet as a ginger.

Everyone attacks you when your ginger, unless you're a hot girl because then you're just an object to be sexualized.

No other race could ever have equivalent things said about them without screeching racism, but when those things are said to gingers suddenly everyone is indifferent to racism and refuse to recognize blatant racism for what it is.

Yeah, I'm angry. Justifiably so. Get mistreated for 90% of your life and you would be too. Now here come the trolls eager to be racist. (I'm sure some dumbass will claim Irish people aren't a race but in the same race will claim there are many Asian races)

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